Urgent Message to Pet Owners, Toad Kills More Dogs Each Year Than Rattle Snakes

Urgent Message to Pet owners: Did you know that Rattlesnakes are not your Dogs worst enemy — Sonoran Desert Toad kills more dogs each year than rattle snakes. 

The reason I am sending out this warning is I did not learn about this toad for nearly 20 years after living in AZ. Of course I was concerned about scorpions, rattlesnakes and coyotes for my pets, but I was completely shocked to hear about this poisonous Toad that shares my same zip code. 

Unfortunately, I learned about this toad the hard way, we lost our 6 year old Weimaraner to this deadly toad. We had know idea what was wrong with her and thought she had an upset stomach, as she had a tendency to eat foreign objects and pass them later and be fine, that wasn’t the case and she was gone within 24 hours. I have lived in my home in Surprise, AZ going on 13 years, I had seen these Toads several times and never thought anything of it, we had no idea of the danger that lurked in our own backyard. 

Well the reason for this post, is that we found our puppies Sadie & TJ chasing one of these deadly Toad last night (June 3rd). Please note that this is the beginning of June, not Monsoon season, when they are most prevalent. As well as we do have a water feature in our backyard, so we clearly did not expect to find a Toad this time of year.

Thankfully my husband saw them chasing something and went out to check on them shortly after they went outside. They fortunately did not come in contact with the Toad. Sadie and TJ are just 7month old pups so they were more curious and didn’t try to bite at it which could have been deadly. 

These toads secrete the toxic chemical which is absorbed quickly and they can exhibit signs of almost immediately. If you believe your dog has made contact with this Toad, you should rinse their mouth with the water hose, carefully as much water as possible without chocking them. Watch for severe drooling, head shaking, pawing at mouth and eyes, hyperthermia (over heating), Difficulty breathing, vomiting or yellow fluid or any neurological signs. If any of these signs occur, get them to an emergency Vet right away. 

Also keep in mind that your dog could have the toxin on their paws, so we immediately washed Sadie & TJ’s paws to avoid them ingesting any toxin. 

These Toads are nocturnal, it is recommended to keep your water bowls up at night and give fresh water in the morning. 

Please share this information with anyone you know that may be new to the Valley of the Sun or any pet owner you know

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2 Responses to “Urgent Message to Pet Owners, Toad Kills More Dogs Each Year Than Rattle Snakes”

  1. Audrey Rush says:

    Thanks so much Jennifer for sharing this info.
    We have an 11 year old teacup Yorkie. Being only 3 lbs in weight any contact would probably harm her! . We are new to AZ we were also told to be very cautious of rattlesnakes, hawks, owls, scorpions,
    and javelinas too?

  2. Sandy says:

    Omg, I used to see these toads in Peoria in our pool with the storms but not once have I seen them here in surprise. I had no idea they were deadly . Thank you so much for this information. I will be in the look out for them . We have a 7 month old puppy and he loves to eat on anything he can find so I’m so glad you posted about this. Again, thank you!

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