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When we buy a new home, there is so much excitement that comes along with it – decorating ideas, new furniture, and more space for a growing family. On the other side of that excitement, we often think of potential hazards that can happen – we have inspections done to make sure everything in the home is working properly, we buy homeowners insurance to protect us when those crazy monsoon storms hit, and we even install security systems to keep us safe from a home invasion. But where does a pool rank on that scale of excitement to hazardous? Maybe you’re like me, and it’s both. 

We were so excited to build a pool last year, thinking of all the fun parties we could host and staying cool in the heat of summer, but we also have a two-year old and we know that a pool can be an unsafe place for him. We installed a pool fence, but in our culdesac of five other homes, there are three other un-fenced pools. That’s why we enrolled our son in Infant Swim Resource (ISR) swimming lessons. 

We feel strongly that ISR lessons are the best swimming lessons in which you can enroll your child. ISR instructors are trained and certified in teaching life-saving swim-float-swim self rescue techniques. That means that if your child were to fall into the pool, they could float on their back in order to catch their breath, turn over and swim, and repeat until they reach the edge of the pool. 

Children six months old to six years old are able to take these lessons. The lessons themselves are 10 minutes per day, five days per week, for six to eight weeks depending on the child’s need. It may not seem like a lot of time, but at the end of those eight weeks, I was confident in my son’s water safety skills. Instructors want to make sure that children are prepared for any situation, so In order to graduate, each child must test their skills in their pajamas, summer clothes, and winter clothes. I was so impressed that my son could float in his coat, hat, and heavy shoes! 

One question people always ask is: How much does this cost? We paid a one-time registration fee of $105 and then paid our instructor $85 per week (please keep in mind that costs may vary depending on your location). At the end of eight weeks, we had paid just under $800. Now $800 is a lot of money, but you have to think about how valuable it is. Think of the peace of mind that you will have knowing that if your child fell into a pool, they would be safe. To me, that’s priceless. 

One of the reasons I am so passionate about ISR lessons is because of Maverick Thomas and his parents. Before my son was born, I worked in children’s ministry at a large church. I had the joy of teaching Maverick in preschool Sunday School. Seven and a half years ago, just a couple of weeks shy of his fifth birthday, Maverick drowned at his brother’s birthday party. Watching his family mourn and grieve his loss was, and still is, devastating. Maverick’s parents are incredible people, and have turned their loss into a legacy. They devote themselves to educating others about ISR and the life-saving techniques that they teach. I’m so thankful that they introduced my family to ISR.

I sincerely hope that if you have a child, aged six months to six years, you will look into ISR lessons. Drowning can be prevented; your child simply needs the self rescue tools and techniques to learn how. To find an instructor near you, go to www.infantswim.com. 

Other Water Safety Tips:

  • Buy BRIGHT Swimwear! Think bright orange or hot pink, avoid blues, greens, and dark colors as they can blend in with the pool water color. If you have a hard time finding bright swimwear in stores, try www.primary.com – they have some great affordable options! 
  • Do not use floaties! These are detrimental to your child learning how to swim and give them a false sense of security in the water. 
  • No distractions by the pool! Make a rule that phones and books aren’t allowed poolside when you are responsible for watching kids play in the pool. Drowning is silent and can happen in 20 seconds. 

A special thank you to Eva Hagan for taking the time to write and share this valuable information with our clients and readers. And also a special thank you to Griffin for providing some great photo illustrations!


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