Phoenix West Valley Real Estate Market Report for September 2019

October 14th, 2019

Hows the Market? Here is your West Valley Market Report for September 2019. What an incredible month in sales compared to sales in September 2018! All West Valley cities had an increase over last year except Avondale -8.6% and Laveen down -16.9%. El Mirage had a whopping 57.5% increase, which also had a 15.05% increase in inventory over last year. Litchfield Park had a 39.5% increase over last year, Surprise up 25.6%, Buckeye up 22.8%, Phoenix up 13.7%, Glendale increased 12.6%, Goodyear 8.8% up, Peoria 8.0% increase, and Tolleson had a increase of 5.5%. What makes these sales so exciting is that inventory levels are significantly lower in most of these cities. Inventory levels in Laveen are down -45.54% over same month last year, Peoria down -28.10%, Avondale -23.54%, Tolleson -22.08%, Goodyear -14.74%, Glendale -14.6%, Surprise -13.78%. Only 3 west valley cities have increased their inventory levels, as mentioned before El Mirage up 15.05%, followed by Buckeye 6.81%, and Litchfield Park at 2.68%.

As we enter the last quarter of the year, low supply of homes for sale has continued to drive median home prices upwards. Tolleson is up 9.42% over last year, Buckeye 9.38%, El Mirage 9.17%, Avondale 7.99%, Glendale 7.23%, Surprise 6.91%, Laveen 6.46%, Peoria 5.90%, Goodyear 5.7%, Phoenix 4.94% and Litchfield Park 2.39% and Maricopa county median home prices up 8.79% over last year.

Market Insights: Its a great time to be a home owner in the Phoenix market thats for sure. Interest rates continue below 4% and some dipped in the 3’s!! Many buyers are taking advantage of down payment assistance programs and able to purchase a new home with very little more out of pocket. 

Rental market continues to boom, making it a great time to own an investment property, we are getting tenants secured before our investors even make the first payment!!

If you are thinking about buying or investing, remember we have ZERO COST loans and $1000 credit back to you towards third party closing costs! This makes it even more affordable to purchase your new home. Call us today for more information and a no hassle consultation to see how we can make your real estate dreams a reality.

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Phoenix West Valley Real Estate Market Report for August 2019

September 18th, 2019

Hows the Market? Here is your West Valley Market Report for August 2019. Recently AZCentral reported that more than 200 people a day are moving to the greater Phoenix area, and from the boom in homes sales you cant argue with that. Closed sales in August complete blew away last years sales. El Mirage had an astonishing 71.8% increase over last year, Goodyear had a 33.7% increase, Peoria up 24.4%, Litchfield Park up 19.7%, closely followed by Avondale at 19.6% increase, Surprise 17.3%, Buckeye 17.2%, Tolleson 13.6%, Glendale at 13.5%, Phoenix was nearly flat with last year with slight increase of 0.7%. Only one West Valley cities fell short Laveen reporting -16.7%. Maricopa County was up 8% over last year, which made this August the third highest sales volume we have seen since 2004/2005! 

Inventory levels are at scarcity levels, West Valley is siting at an average of only 2 months of inventory, some cities with even less. As the supply is down and demand is up, we are still seeing home prices increasing. Maricopa county is up 6% over last year. Tolleson is up 10.65%, Buckeye up 9.63%, El Mirage up 9.18%, Avondale 7.79%, Surprise up 6.94%, Glendale 6.79%, Peoria 5.90%, Goodyear 5.54%, Laveen 5.37%, Phoenix 4.93% and Litchfield Park 2.72%.

However not everyone thats moving here are purchasing homes. Rental Market is experiencing a boom as well. Median Lease amount is reported at $1595 per month and we are seeing a 3:10 ratio, meaning for every 10 homes sold, 3 are leased. These numbers are also only indicative of the properties leased through ARMLS.  Speaking on my experience with our property management division, and many other property managers we network with, the majority of rental homes are not being offered on the MLS as they are leased through other internet sites and never see the MLS. These private sites have not data tracking for agents to utilize, so I can only guess that the rent to purchase ratio is actually far tighter, perhaps even 1:3.

Market Insights: Housing Affordability in Phoenix is what is driving most folks to our beautiful state, and in a few more weeks we can say its are gorgeous climate that they are after. LOL

Interest rates have remained historically low we even saw some dips below 4%. Loan programs for all situations. We offer everything to ZERO Cost Loans to Down Payment Assistance programs! So call us today, we would love to help you into Homeownership. Moving up, Moving down, Moving here or Moving away, we are here for you every step.



West Valley Real Estate Market Report by City July 2019

August 5th, 2019

Hows the Market? Here is your West Valley Market Report for July 2019. All I can say is WOW!! They heat didn’t scare away home buyers!! All but two West Valley cities had an increase in sales over July 2018. Incredible month for closed sales in Goodyear with a 29.7% increase over last year, followed by Litchfield Park at 21.7%, Peoria at 21.2%, Laveen at 13.8%, Surprise at 13.6%, Phoenix at 7.1%, Glendale at 6.3% and Avondale at 4.6%. Only two cities came up short, Buckeye -4.5% and El Mirage -9.7%. 

These increases in closed sales are, in my opinion pretty incredible considering the lack of homes for sale. All West Valley cities including Maricopa County overall dropped in inventory levels compared to June. Low Supply, high demand is why prices continue to increase. Some cities have less than 2 months of inventory, Laveen is the lowest at only 1.12 months, El Mirage 1.17 months, Avondale at 1.21 months, Tolleson 1.58 months, Glendale 1.69 months, Surprise 1.8 months, Phoenix 2.14 months, Buckeye 2.2 months, Peoria 2.03 months, Goodyear 2.51 months, and Litchfield Park at 3.07 months. Maricopa County has only 2.51 months of inventory.
Market Insights: Interests are at all time low, making housing more affordable. We have lots of loan program options, even some allowing down payment assistance so you can get into a home with very little money out of pocket.
Market Disruption: I am so excited to share with you all how Keller Williams is bringing more value to our buyers and sellers and completely disrupting the industry. As the worlds largest real estate company we have now partnered with Keller Mortage to bring ZERO COST loans to our clients!! What does that mean? ZERO Origination fee (this is typically 1% of your loan) ZERO Underwriting Fee (typically $875) and ZERO Processing Fee (approx $625) AND we give you $1000 credit towards 3rd party cost, which can be used to pay for things like your  appraisal!!  These loans also have low interest rates, the have beat or were better than the other lenders. We have saved our clients $4000, $5500, $7500, $6500 and $3500 just this month!! Sellers, when you list with us, your potential buyers can take advantage of this program instead of asking you to contribute to their loan cost!! Call today for more details.
 Looking to Buy, Sell, Invest? We would love to help you!! 

Phoenix West Valley Real Estate Market Report for June 2019

July 5th, 2019

Hows the Market? Here is your West Valley Market Report for June 2019. Last month had some beautiful cooler temps and that certainly helped several west valley cities with home sales. Tolleson leading the West Valley with a whopping 31.6% increase in closed sales over last year, El Mirage had a 26.8% increase, Surprise 8.6% increase, Buckeye 8.5%, Phoenix 4.8%, Avondale is up 0.8% & Maricopa County was up 2.7%. West Valley cities that were down in closed sales were Litchfield Park -8.6%, Goodyear -7.2%, Peoria -1.8%, and Laveen -1.2%. 

Inventory levels continue to be incredibly low, Maricopa county sitting with only 2.47 months of inventory and some cities with less than 2 months of inventory. This low supply of homes for sale continue to drive the home values up. Tolleson is up 11.71% over last year, Buckeye up 9.89%, El Mirage up 9.82%, Goodyear up 7.27%, Glendale up 7.25%, Surprise up 6.56%, Laveen up 6.02% and Maricopa County is up 5.63% over last year.
Market insights: Low inventory levels are a big challenge in our market. Competition has definitely increased geographically, so if your home is for sale in a city with low inventory and theres not much for sale, that doesnt mean you don’t have lots of comeption out there in other cities that your prosecptive buyer is viewing as well. Buyers are considering multiple cities in order to find the perfect home for them, for example a home for sale in Litchfield Park is competing with a home in Peoria. We are also seeing a lot of people relocating for other states and they are comparing East Valley to West Valley homes. 
New Home builds seem to be exploding. Low inventory levels are driving buyers to purchase new. We have found some incredible incentives and deals on new builds. Keep in mind when purchasing new, you should still have representation. It does not cost you anything and we are there to negotiate on your behalf, the agent in the office works for the seller. We also see you through the transaction and build, here to share our expertise on things that most home owners don’t think about.
Buying, Selling, Investing, we are here to help you!!

Phoenix area West Valley Market Report by City May 2019

June 11th, 2019

Hows the Market? Here is your West Valley Market Report for May 2019. As temperatures start to rise so did median home values. All West Valley cities reported increases for the month of May, Goodyear had the largest increase at 17.05% over May 2018, Tolleson was next at 14.08 increase and Peoria at 8.81%. Low inventory levels continue to drive this increase in home values with low supply and high demand prices should continue to steadily increase. Several West Valley cities reported and increase in sales as well, Goodyear had a 31.4% increase in sales over May 2018. Glendale was up 22.2%, Laveen 17.2%, Surprise 8.1%, Phoenix 3.4%, Peoria 2.5% and Tolleson 1.5%. El Mirage was down -31.0%, Litchfield Park -18.0% and Avondale -10.9%. Maricopa county had a 4.1% increase in sales.

Market Insights: As the West Valley continues to experience massive growth, one thing I have found, is that the competition for selling is tremendous. In the past it seemed that buyers would choose a city, based on personal preferences and thats were we would look at homes, now buyers are looking in multiple cities for homes that meet their needs. So when selling your home, you are not just competing with homes in your neighborhood, prospective buyers are looking for similar homes in 2-3 neighboring cities. I believe two reasons for this shift, one is the low inventory levels buyers are having to expand the regional search to find the perfect home. Secondly the 303 has really made most west valley cities closer to commute and buyers are willing to add 15 minutes onto a commute to get their dream home.

Market Disruption: I am so excited to share with you all how Keller Williams is bringing more value to our buyers and sellers and completely disrupting the industry. As the worlds largest real estate company we have now partnered with Keller Mortage to bring ZERO COST loans to our clients!! What does that mean? ZERO Origination fee (this is typically 1% of your loan) ZERO Underwriting Fee (typically $875) and ZERO Processing Fee (approx $625) AND we give you $1000 credit towards 3rd party cost, which can be used to pay for things like your  appraisal!!  These loans also have low interest rates, the have beat or were better than the other lenders. We have saved our clients $4000, $5500, $7500, $6500 and $3500 just this month!! Sellers, when you list with us, your potential buyers can take advantage of this program instead of asking you to contribute to their loan cost!! Call today for more details.

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Phoenix West Valley Real Estate Market Report by City March 2019

April 8th, 2019

How’s the Market? Heres your West Valley Market update for March 2019. Are we shifting into a Buyers market? Well in looking at this number March produced I would certainly say the ship could be shifting coordinates and steering towards a Buyers market in the upcoming months. Definitely something to keep our eye on as each month unfolds. Before we get into the March market, Id like to point out a couple of things to remember. First, remember  the closed sales that report in March are actually February’ sales pending. Now February’s unseasonable cold temperatures, even snowing in some parts of the Valley and lots and lots of rain, certainly did not help home buying traffic. Now that spring is in full bloom, I can tell you that the homes that we have put on the market this month are getting more traffic than I ever imagined possible! Various price points, various locations around the West Valley and the showings are 3-5 daily, including weekdays!! Its absolutely insane that there are that many potential home buyers out shopping. So with that said, this shift we see March Market update could swing back quickly in April, only time will tell.

Ok, so hows the market? Well as far as home prices, we are still seeing positive increases. All west valley cities were up over last year, top 5 cities were Tolleson lead the pack 12.83% over last year, Buckeye up 10.05%, El Mirage increased 9.47%, Litchfield Park 9.17%, Goodyear 9.09%. 

Something we watch closely in the real estate market is inventory levels. The housing market is still a commodity and driven by supply and demand. The lower the supply, greater demand, drives home prices up. The larger the supply, less demand, home prices tend to go down. All west valley cities, had tremendous increases in the amount of Active listings over March 2018, with the exception of Laveen which was -1.8% down over March 2018. Tolleson had a whooping increase with 77.8% over last march, Glendale increased by 24.7%, followed by Phoenix 22.6%, Peoria 21.5%, Goodyear 19.7%, El Mirage 18.9%, Surprise 17.6%, Buckeye 16.2%,  Litchfield Park 11.7% and Avondale was almost flat at 0.5%.  Maricopa county overall was up 15.9% over same month last year. Now we are still considered to be in a low inventory-seller’s market and we can use more homes on the market to continue to feed the fire, these increases are not a chicken little scare by no means, but definitely something to keep our eye on.

So the increasing inventory coupled with slow sales is little more unnerving, but we did have less than perfect weather conditions against us. As fore mentioned, we will see what April brings. But as far as closed sales in March, only two cities in the west valley out sold March 2018, El Mirage increased by 2.1% which was 48 closed sales versus 47 in 2018. Tolleson increased by one closed sale as well 135 in 2018 and 136 in 2019. Buckeye was the slowest down -20.7%, Litchfield Park -15.7%, Peoria down -15.0%, Phoenix -14.7%, Avondale -10.6%, Glendale -9.5%,  Goodyear -7.6%,  Surprise -6.6%, & Laveen -5.6%. Maricopa County was down -11.8%.

Market Insights: Housing affordability remains strong as well as low unemployment this will continue to secure the real estate market. Coupled with the Feds announcing the are not going to be increase interest rates, the future of the real estate market is still look very sound.

Market Disruption: I am so excited to share with you all how Keller Williams is bringing more value to our buyers and sellers and completely disrupting the industry. As the worlds largest real estate company we have now partnered with Keller Mortage to bring ZERO COST loans to our clients!! What does that mean? ZERO Origination fee (this is typically 1% of your loan) ZERO Underwriting Fee (typically $875) and ZERO Processing Fee (approx $625) AND we give you $1000 credit towards 3rd party cost, which can be used to pay for things like your  appraisal!!  These loans also have low interest rates, the have beat or were better than the other lenders. We have saved our clients $4000, $6500 and $3500 just this month!! Sellers, when you list with us, your potential buyers can take advantage of this program instead of asking you to contribute to their loan cost!! Call today for more details. 

Pool Safety ISR Swimming Lessons

March 25th, 2019

When we buy a new home, there is so much excitement that comes along with it – decorating ideas, new furniture, and more space for a growing family. On the other side of that excitement, we often think of potential hazards that can happen – we have inspections done to make sure everything in the home is working properly, we buy homeowners insurance to protect us when those crazy monsoon storms hit, and we even install security systems to keep us safe from a home invasion. But where does a pool rank on that scale of excitement to hazardous? Maybe you’re like me, and it’s both. 

We were so excited to build a pool last year, thinking of all the fun parties we could host and staying cool in the heat of summer, but we also have a two-year old and we know that a pool can be an unsafe place for him. We installed a pool fence, but in our culdesac of five other homes, there are three other un-fenced pools. That’s why we enrolled our son in Infant Swim Resource (ISR) swimming lessons. 

We feel strongly that ISR lessons are the best swimming lessons in which you can enroll your child. ISR instructors are trained and certified in teaching life-saving swim-float-swim self rescue techniques. That means that if your child were to fall into the pool, they could float on their back in order to catch their breath, turn over and swim, and repeat until they reach the edge of the pool. 

Children six months old to six years old are able to take these lessons. The lessons themselves are 10 minutes per day, five days per week, for six to eight weeks depending on the child’s need. It may not seem like a lot of time, but at the end of those eight weeks, I was confident in my son’s water safety skills. Instructors want to make sure that children are prepared for any situation, so In order to graduate, each child must test their skills in their pajamas, summer clothes, and winter clothes. I was so impressed that my son could float in his coat, hat, and heavy shoes! 

One question people always ask is: How much does this cost? We paid a one-time registration fee of $105 and then paid our instructor $85 per week (please keep in mind that costs may vary depending on your location). At the end of eight weeks, we had paid just under $800. Now $800 is a lot of money, but you have to think about how valuable it is. Think of the peace of mind that you will have knowing that if your child fell into a pool, they would be safe. To me, that’s priceless. 

One of the reasons I am so passionate about ISR lessons is because of Maverick Thomas and his parents. Before my son was born, I worked in children’s ministry at a large church. I had the joy of teaching Maverick in preschool Sunday School. Seven and a half years ago, just a couple of weeks shy of his fifth birthday, Maverick drowned at his brother’s birthday party. Watching his family mourn and grieve his loss was, and still is, devastating. Maverick’s parents are incredible people, and have turned their loss into a legacy. They devote themselves to educating others about ISR and the life-saving techniques that they teach. I’m so thankful that they introduced my family to ISR.

I sincerely hope that if you have a child, aged six months to six years, you will look into ISR lessons. Drowning can be prevented; your child simply needs the self rescue tools and techniques to learn how. To find an instructor near you, go to 

Other Water Safety Tips:

  • Buy BRIGHT Swimwear! Think bright orange or hot pink, avoid blues, greens, and dark colors as they can blend in with the pool water color. If you have a hard time finding bright swimwear in stores, try – they have some great affordable options! 
  • Do not use floaties! These are detrimental to your child learning how to swim and give them a false sense of security in the water. 
  • No distractions by the pool! Make a rule that phones and books aren’t allowed poolside when you are responsible for watching kids play in the pool. Drowning is silent and can happen in 20 seconds. 

A special thank you to Eva Hagan for taking the time to write and share this valuable information with our clients and readers. And also a special thank you to Griffin for providing some great photo illustrations!


Staging verse Decorating

March 17th, 2019

What’s the difference between Home Staging versus Decorating?

This is a question I get over and over especially when a home already has lovely decor. Would this be a home that should still be staged for selling? Why do you even need to stage a home for sale, don’t buyers appreciate that “lived in homey-look?” Well to put it simply, when decorating, the homeowners individual style, comfort level, color choices, hobbies and interests would all be taken in to consideration when formatting a space. When staging for sale, we look at things much differently, we want to appeal to the masses, the space is neutralized and selling features within that space are accented. Less is more as to not over power those features.

Recently our team closed a sale of an absolutely stunning home that had been previously professionally decorated. To answer the above question, yes we still staged the home for sale. Lets take a look at the before and after photos and I can point out the difference between staging and decorating.

The first picture is the before photo of the family room, as you can see the home is beautifully decorated. Tasteful and cozy, the family collection of Geodes are beautifully displayed on the niche shelves. Now take a look at picture #2, the staged for sale photo. As you can see we neutralized the wall color on the accent wall, brighting up the entire room. We also removed the bench seating and coffee table & floor lamp to open up the space and maximize the space, as well as re-staged neutral colors on the niche shelves. Again, decorating takes into consideration the living comforts, staging we want to maximize the space.




Now lets take a look at the Formal living room. Stunning custom artwork adorns the glass block fireplace, they purchased from an artist in Sedona. Keeping with the homeowners love of Sedona’s Red Rock tones in the area rug flow throughout giving the space a serenity of beautiful Sedona. Now take a look at next photo, the staged version of this same room. You will see we removed the area rug allowing the gorgeous wood floors to be displayed. Replacing the serenity Angel with simple low-lying greenery which allows the eye to travel the entire space and into the backyard with a gorgeous view of the pool. We also neutralized the wall color surround the fireplace which really popped the glass block surround.



The Kitchen, the heart of the home, right? This home featured a very large kitchen with lots of fresh bright white cabinets and large eat-in area. Looks nice and clean. Here we made some simple addition to add to this gourmet kitchen, that really added a nice cherry on top to the already nice kitchen… cabinet knobs. The addition of simple cabinet knobs and drawer pulls add such a nice upgraded custom look to any kitchen. The space also featured a picture window above the kitchen sink, removing the decor and replacing with a simple white orchid allowed natural light to flow and accent the beautiful arched window. Just off the kitchen is a spacious breakfast nook, very nicely appointed for family dinners and game night.  In the next photo we neutralized the space of religious art and the game night book shelf opening up the size to its fullest and appealing to the masses.



Do we stage the exterior? Does the exterior matter to potential buyers? Absolutely! We leave no stoned un turned, so lets take a look at the pool area. As you can see this home had an amazing pool and lush landscaping surround. However what this home also featured was an oversized lot which is hard to come by in the greater Phoenix area and therefore a great selling feature. So as you will see, we had the gardner cut back the bushes so we could maximize the space and expose the expansive lawn and play area surrounding the pool.



Do staged homes sell for more? Why do we go through so much trouble when listing our properties? Staged homes seller quicker than the average home on the market and for more money. This home was listed with another agent and the clients received an offer that was less than their list price and later decided to hire our team to take over, we got our clients $30,000 more than the offer they had previously received. That’s why we take the effort to stage our listings. 

We’d love to help you prepare your home and market it to help you get more money by appealing to more buyers. Give is a call if you’d like more information.



How we can Help you Make More Money Selling your Home

February 28th, 2019

Over the last several years we have seen the bar raised in Buyers expectations. My theory is that during the real estate crash, many homes were purchased by investors that rehabbed the property and “flipped” the homes. These completely remodeled homes came on the market in a direct competition with owner occupied properties. When you step into a home that has brand new carpet, new paint, updated kitchen & sometimes baths, then you go to show your prospective buyer a home that has dirty dishes in the sink, stained carpet, dirty baths and in desperate need of interior and exterior paint, its easy to assume who is going to get the higher offer. 

If you follow my monthly West Valley Market report, you have heard me say this over and over, the homes that come on the market, “staged and priced right” sell quickly, while others sit and continue to reduce their price. This has created what we in the industry call a “spread” in market values of the same properties. When completing a Market Analysis of the same comparable properties we find some selling much less than others with upgrades and updates. Over the past few years, I have presented my sellers with 2 to 3 Market Values based on the upgrades they are willing to complete prior to market. We have had the pleasure of seeing a tremendous return for our sellers, putting thousands more in their pockets at closing! 

With that said, we decided to give our sellers an even bigger advantage in this extremely competitive market. We have gathered industry professionals from handymen, painters, general contractors, cleaning pros, to granite/quartz installers and even flooring to bring discounted rates to help you get top dollar for you home! That may sound over whelming, not to worry, the process is way easier than you might expect. We will let you know what needs to be done to the property in order to maximize the sales price as well as have our partners facilitate the work! 

Check out this property with Before and After pics. Our client was able to take $10,000 from her Home Equity line and fix up the property. This $10,000 investment, netted her an additional $28,000 in her pocket at closing! Even better, we sold in 4 days on the market, full price CASH!

Call me today and so we can discuss ways to maximize the sale of your property!






RV Gates and RV Parking at my Dream Home

February 20th, 2019

The home of my dreams has an rv gate. Surely I can park my rv there right?!?!? This is the number ONE question I get from out of state buyers that have an RV. “Well. if I can’t park my RV why do they advertise an RV gate”. Great question! Unfortunately more often then not, the answer is no! The rules are you can park any toy, boat, car etc as long as it doesn’t show over the fence line. Luckily for you, our team knows all the neighborhoods in the west valley that WILL allow you to park an RV. Additionally, if the neighborhood does not allow RV parking we know the closest location that you can store your RV. There are a handful of neighborhoods that have an HOA (Homeowners Association) and allow RV parking. Many of the neighborhoods that allow RV parking are not in an HOA area.

HOA’s can be positive or negative. The short version is HOA neighborhoods have a lot of control and in turn they make sure your neighbors cannot paint their house any color of the rainbow they want without permission. They also regulate any improvements a homeowner would like to do (aka an extended driveway, a front porch, really anything architectural). Additionally they provide and maintain community features such as parks, sports courts and walkways.

There are stats that show neighborhoods that are in an HOA hold their value or increase in value faster. Another category (which you definitely need a neighborhood expert for) are neighborhoods that are not in an HOA but they still take care of their properties. This is really important. If your agent suggests a neighborhood, drive that neighborhood during the day, at night and on a weekend day. Pull over and talk to a neighbor. Ask questions. Does your agent live in that area? If not how many homes have they sold in that area (aka are they a neighborhood expert). To summarize, interview your agent. Their knowledge will make a huge difference in transaction. And I challenge you to interview myself and the Jennifer Sanchez Team. We will blow your mind and educate you with as much knowledge as we can. We realize your home is one of the largest investments of your life and we take it seriously. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Author: Stephanie Hunt, is a long time buyers’ specialist for the Jennifer Sanchez Team at Keller Williams Professional Partners and can be reached at 623-229-0416.