RV Gates and RV Parking at my Dream Home

The home of my dreams has an rv gate. Surely I can park my rv there right?!?!? This is the number ONE question I get from out of state buyers that have an RV. “Well. if I can’t park my RV why do they advertise an RV gate”. Great question! Unfortunately more often then not, the answer is no! The rules are you can park any toy, boat, car etc as long as it doesn’t show over the fence line. Luckily for you, our team knows all the neighborhoods in the west valley that WILL allow you to park an RV. Additionally, if the neighborhood does not allow RV parking we know the closest location that you can store your RV. There are a handful of neighborhoods that have an HOA (Homeowners Association) and allow RV parking. Many of the neighborhoods that allow RV parking are not in an HOA area.

HOA’s can be positive or negative. The short version is HOA neighborhoods have a lot of control and in turn they make sure your neighbors cannot paint their house any color of the rainbow they want without permission. They also regulate any improvements a homeowner would like to do (aka an extended driveway, a front porch, really anything architectural). Additionally they provide and maintain community features such as parks, sports courts and walkways.

There are stats that show neighborhoods that are in an HOA hold their value or increase in value faster. Another category (which you definitely need a neighborhood expert for) are neighborhoods that are not in an HOA but they still take care of their properties. This is really important. If your agent suggests a neighborhood, drive that neighborhood during the day, at night and on a weekend day. Pull over and talk to a neighbor. Ask questions. Does your agent live in that area? If not how many homes have they sold in that area (aka are they a neighborhood expert). To summarize, interview your agent. Their knowledge will make a huge difference in transaction. And I challenge you to interview myself and the Jennifer Sanchez Team. We will blow your mind and educate you with as much knowledge as we can. We realize your home is one of the largest investments of your life and we take it seriously. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Author: Stephanie Hunt, is a long time buyers’ specialist for the Jennifer Sanchez Team at Keller Williams Professional Partners and can be reached at 623-229-0416.

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